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Weathered and Worthy Wisdom: SJ28 invites you to Pause and Engage in a different strategy for 28-days with the intention that paying attention will elevate your emotional and mental wellbeing by feeling more conscious, supported, clear minded, and thus, Joyful. 
I'm looking forward to Pausing & Connecting with you!
💖 Melanie


For many years I have been writing and revising a book to share my Steady Joy lifestyle. In May of 2017 I completed a Whole30; a 30-day program that emphasizes healthy eating. I witnessed a plethora of friends on social media sharing their experience with Whole30 before I decided to join in. Even though I did not continue with the practices I had tested, our family tried new foods like almond milk, zucchini noodles, and cauliflower rice. What I learned the most from following a program is how structure acts as a Gateway; having guidelines, a specific timeframe, and a support network helps us incorporate positive changes into our lives. Wellbeing, like physical health, is not static, it is fluid and shifts based on what we ingest into our minds. Weathered and Worthy Wisdom: A Gateway to Steady Joy invites you to Pause and Engage in a different strategy for 28-days with the intention that paying attention will elevate your emotional and mental wellbeing by feeling more conscious, supported, clear minded, and thus, Joyful. 

Although I have traveled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, it wasn’t until my first child was born in 2002 that I realized to be the thriving parent I envisioned for myself, I would need to create and implement alternative ways to stabilize and maintain a healthy emotional and mental wellbeing. For almost 20 years I have been Pausing to observe when I feel Joy and documenting the circumstances that brought me to that place. With the knowledge from my findings, I built a toolkit of evolving strategies, rituals, and templates that increased my wellbeing and eventually brought me to a place of Steady Joy. 

Steady is not the same as always and forever. Joy is not a destination. One must cultivate the seeds of Steady Joy daily. Steady Joy is my optimum default emotion and simultaneously an ever-expanding state of being. How I personally experience Steady Joy is through intimacy with myself, Source, nature, art, and others. How I create intimacy is through Pause, intention, ritual, observation, and celebration. Designing and actualizing a Steady Joy lifestyle has literally saved my life, my marriage, my relationships, supports me being a good parent, and has led me to a place where I am able to trust my intuition enough to offer my wisdom to others. Steady Joy is not a religion or political ideology. Steady Joy is the name I use to express how passionate I am about creating an authentic life.  

Life is a dichotomy, often I feel both Joy and Melancholy within the same day, sometimes within the same hour! I call my lifestyle Steady Joy because it is helpful for me to visualize a tangible set point of how I want to feel. I have longed to share my Steady Joy lifestyle with a larger audience and build a mutually nurturing community, but it was imperative to feel consistently balanced first as an individual and within our nuclear family. I am fortunate to finally be in a good and stable place as I write this. There is always a risk when exposing such intimate personal details, but I feel it is worth it; sharing our stories helps us understand each other and leads to a wellspring of Compassion much needed in our society.   

Over the years I have self-published a handful of guides, e-courses, and facilitated several small groups both in-person and online. I condensed the best of my practices into 28 strategies outlined below for you to preview as well as a question for you to answer. 

Steady Joy Strategies (SJ28): 

  1. Perform a Pause

Where and how will you perform your Pause? 

  1. Carve Out and Maintain a Sacred Space

Where do you consider your Sacred Space? How do you maintain your Sacred Space?  

  1. Conduct Grounding Rituals

What rituals do you use to ground yourself? 

  1. Greet the Day

How do you greet the day? 

  1. Honor Your Sacred Alone Time

When, where, and how do you honor your sacred alone time? 

  1. Invoke Self-Kindness

How do you invoke self-kindness? 

  1. Hone our Intuition by Scouting for Symbols

How do you hone your intuition? What symbols are you scouting for? 

  1. Foster Engagement 

How do you foster engagement? 

  1. Connect with Your Celestial Clan 

How do you connect with your celestial clan? 

  1. Recognize Your Grooves 

What grooves do you want to recognize? 

  1. Express Your CreativityDaily

How do you express your creativity? 

  1. Know what you Need to Thrive

What do you need to thrive? 

  1. Observe and Celebrate the Sacred Seasons 

How do you observe and celebrate the sacred seasons? 

  1. Record Your Touchstones

What are your touchstones? 

  1. Wear a Talisman  

What object do you wear as your talisman? What does your talisman whisper to you? 

  1. Document Your Journey 

How do you document your journey? 

  1. Affirm your Sanctions

What sanctions do you want to affirm? 

  1. Cultivate a Relationship with the Divine

How do you connect with your divinity? 

  1. Commune with Nature 

How do you commune with nature? 

  1. Track and Respond to Your Triggers 

How do you track and respond to your triggers? 

  1. Design an Evening Benediction

What elements are part of your evening benediction? 

  1. Initiate a Nurture Huddle

What ways do you initiate contact to connect? 

  1. Gather Support

How do you gather support? 

Who would be on your support lists? 

  1. Embrace Your Civic Value

How do you embrace your civic value? 

  1. Tell Your Best Feeling Story

What creeds would be part of your best feeling story? 

  1. Plot Your Ideal Schedule

What would your ideal schedule look and feel like? 

  1. Establish Your Evolving Flexible Structure 

How will you establish your evolving flexible structure? 

  1. Devise a Toolkit of Emotional and Mental Wellbeing 

What strategies are in your Steady Joy toolkit of emotional and mental wellbeing? 

Suggestions and Questions to consider before you begin SJ28 Journey: 

When do you want to begin? You can begin immediately, or I like to begin programs on the New Moon. Remember you cannot fall behind. You can read the whole book at once if you want!  

When do you want to ponder each strategy? I suggest you set a similar time period each day, such as at night before you go to bed, on your lunch break, after dinner, or during your morning routine, which is when I usually engage in a program. 

Where do you want to answer the questions? A separate journal? On your computer? In a social media post? In person? In your heart? Whenever I participate in a program, I usually begin with a blank 7 x 10 Canson mixed media side wired journal.  

Do you want to go on this journey solo or ask tenderhearts to join you? I love the community that blossoms when we all simultaneously work through a program. There are sensitive concepts in SJ28; you get to decide how much you want to share.  

Do you want to create a Nurture Huddle where you meet in person to share your journey? I am excited for you to welcome Nurture Huddles into your lexicon and communities! 

Do you want to join or start a group on social media? Which one? Public or private? Remember to be kind to yourself and others when sharing in a group or social media platform. 

What does Steady Joy mean to you? 

I encourage you to take notes. There are many suggestions each day. If one resonates with you jot it down. On the last day we create our Steady Joy toolkit of Emotional and Mental Wellbeing.  

My highest hope is to create a community of tenderhearted souls where we can support each other on our quest to sustain Steady Joy. I look forward to connecting with you! 


Please email me at if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to Pausing & Connecting with you!
💖 Melanie