Day 9: Connect with Your Celestial Clan 

Day 9: Connect with Your Celestial Clan 

Day 9 

Connect with Your Celestial Clan 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

Throughout my life I have experienced intense episodes of intuition and feeling called by Source. I have always known I have an inner-being but was not able to put into words what I was feeling until I came across the teachings of Abraham in 2006. The more I explored the metaphysical, the more I realized that I have a Celestial Clan available to me whenever I wish. I think of the male, Yang, aspect of my Celestial Clan as Cadre, and the female aspect, Yin, as Tarot, pronounced Tara when I am thinking of Her as part of my Celestial Clan. Understanding the characteristics of Yin and Yang offers me easy access to my intuition and the ability to use it with intention in my daily life. Embracing my Celestial Clan relieves loneliness, keeps Melly (melancholy) at bay, and helps me embody Steady Joy. 

Attributes of Yin and Yang: 


  1. Passive 
  2. Negative 
  3. Dark 
  4. Earth 
  5. Moon 
  6. Water  
  7. Female 
  8. Cold 



  1. Active 
  2. Positive 
  3. Bright 
  4. heaven 
  5. Sun 
  6. Fire 
  7. Male 
  8. Hot 


During my morning ritual, I often conjure the image of my Celestial Clan surrounding me with Love and Light. Present within my Celestial Clan are Cadre and Tarot, my Grandmothers, and a rotating list of mentors, usually people I admire that I have never met before. For many years, I meditated by quieting my mind for fifteen minutes and breathing. Although sometimes I still do meditate that way using the eternity breath technique, mostly, I script. What scripting means for me is Pausing, checking in with my body, grounding myself with the four elements in my Sacred Space, acknowledging the presence of my Celestial Clan, and then journaling positive words about how I am feeling for however long the momentum lasts.  

If you are unfamiliar with connecting with Spirit, you can perform this exercise first: 

Sit comfortably in your Sacred Space. 

Ground yourself (candle, incense, oil, whatever works for you). 

Close your eyes gently. 

Breathe in~out~in~out. (perform an eternity breath if possible). 

Imagine in the distance you see a Light coming towards you. 

The Light keeps getting brighter and brighter until a form appears before you. 

She is your all loving and compassionate Authentic Self. 

Greet Her. 

Invite Her to become One with you. 

Feel her Love and Light melt into You. 

Sit quietly with Her for a few moments. 

You can ask for Her name; you can tell Her about your Journey and ask for Guidance. 

You can invite Her to stay with you as you open your eyes, or you can thank her and feel Her go. 

Once you open your eyes, continue to breathe and feel the Light. 


Know You are Worthy. 

Know You are Love. 

Thank the Universe for the experience.  

Begin scripting or recap your thoughts in a journal. 

When I am in a super good place from scripting, I try to meet up with my past and future selves. I developed this strategy after being in counselling for several years before we moved to Minnesota. My counselor practiced a type of therapy called IFS: Internal Family Systems. In IFS your therapist guides you to a meditative state and then helps you connect with different parts of yourself. Having been through some trauma when I was young, we would often connect with a part of me called little Melanie. The therapy was very intimate and intense. When I do it alone, I try imagining the me of today giving my past self-support and encouragement. I conjure the little girl Melanie, the new Mom Melanie, the doubtful Melanie, and let her know she is worthy and loved. 

If I feel I can keep the momentum going in my high-flying place, I will reach out to my future self. I will picture feeling confident, clear-minded, sure-footed, interested, eager, optimistic, ardent, and joyful. Once I feel a good flow, I will ask my future self for guidance and advice. This is an excellent exercise to engage in when you are pondering a big decision. 

From one of my scripting sessions in 2017: 

I love how nothing in life is wasted, how I am, we are, all different facets of one whole, I love the birds eating seeds at my bird-feeders, I love how blue the sky looks outside my window, I love the feeling of the sun on my face during my walks, I love hearing my children laugh in harmony, I love how held I feel in my husband’s arms, I love feeling so clear, I love how I have this time to feel good, I love the way this water tastes so fresh, I love my journals, I love my collages, I love the being surrounded by the beauty of my treasures here in my Sacred Space, I LOVE the quiet, I love how many windows we have in this house, I love the feeling of ease that has come over me, I love the potential of everything. 


How do you connect with your Celestial Clan? 

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