Day 7: Hone Your Intuition by Scouting for Symbols 

Day 7: Hone Your Intuition by Scouting for Symbols 

Day 7 

Hone Your Intuition by Scouting for Symbols 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

I created a guidebook and focus tool in early 2013 called A Step Up from Oxygen; 28 Days to Steady Joy. The title was sparked from a conversation I had with my older sister who works for a Fortune 100 company. She wanted to step it up in her career and health by updating her hair, her wardrobe, her credentials, and her fitness routine. After the conversation I pondered what step it up meant for me as a wife, mother of 3, teacher’s aide, and aspiring artist. 


I wanted to learn to cultivate more Joy into my life. I wanted to be more poised and not get so rattled when things did not flow. I wanted to live in the midst of Steady Joy. I had been seeking something more and how to serve my whole life and found a resonance with Steady Joy. 

I designed 8 strategies that when practiced each morning in a certain order, brought me both the stability and accessibility to the good feelings I had been searching for. Once I consistently and successfully integrated these 8 strategies into my daily life, I experienced a new level of clarity, confidence, and happiness. 8 is an important number for me, not only because my birthday is on 8/8, but also because Oxygen is represented by the atomic number 8. Oxygen is what we need to breathe and when we consciously breathe, we Pause. Steady Joy is a step up from oxygen. 

The 8 Strategies in the Steady Joy Focus Tool (SJFT) began with me writing lists in my journal each morning of my favorite things, words that described how I wanted to feel, and strategies for what to do when I felt overwhelmed. I noticed on the days I wrote out the lists I felt better, and I would often refer to the lists if I were having an emotionally challenging day. I then played around with a bunch of different strategies that were already working in my life. I chose 8 strategies to develop that seemed to have the biggest and best impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing. At first, I wrote out the 8 strategy lists in my journal each morning, but soon realized it would be so much more efficient if there was a template. I used the SJFT for over 8 years. As our family moved and my mornings changed, my need for the full SJFT evolved. For Weathered & Worthy Wisdom, I remastered and include several of the SJFT strategies within the 28: Touchstones, Grooves, Symbols, Sanctions, and Creeds 

Symbols are items we choose that when we encounter them, they represent the Universe giving us positive feedback. Scouting for Symbols was a part of my original SJFT I completed every morning, but now I create a list of Symbols to scout for sometimes when I am feeling triggered. 

8 of My Symbols 

  1. Wings
    2. My numbers (8:08, 12:34)
    3. Eternity symbol 
    4. Sneezing 
    5. Bunnies 
    6. Sunflowers 
    7. Foxes 
    8. Bells 
    Create a list of Symbols that are easy enough to find that make this strategy fun for you but challenging enough that they are meaningful. I notice my Symbols more when I choose the same Symbols from day to day. This is also a great list to share with the other people in your life. I love when my husband texts me “12:34”! 

How do you hone your intuition? What symbols are you scouting for? 

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