Day 4: Greet the Day

Day 4:  Greet the Day 

Day 4 

Greet the Day 



breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

 There is a song lyric by the band Uncle Tupelo that often comes to mind when I think about daily routines: “When morning comes twice a day or not at all…” 

We all lead different lives. You get to choose when to greet the day. This is my experience. These strategies contain suggestions, but no judgments. Most days I am up around 6 AM, I make coffee and cut up some fruit to have with a piece of toast or biscotti. I greet our bunny, Zander, and open his gate so he can run free. I turn on the aquarium light for our Betta Fish, Richard. I sit in my Sacred Space, light a candle, burn wood, herbs, or incense, roll on oil, chime my tingsha cymbals, Pause, give thanks, and pray. I consult Tarot, write in my journal, and then listen to a news podcast while drawing and eating my breakfast. If it is a school day, I blow out my candle and become present for my children. If not, I stay and create until I have somewhere to be. During the fifteen years I worked in retail management, my irregular schedule encouraged my love for sleeping in whenever I was able to. After I gave birth, the breastfeeding ensured I would not have any regular sleep for years. Once my two oldest slept through the night, I began waking up as early as possible to have some time alone. Eventually I trained myself to get up with the sun and once I did my mood and day really shifted to a more positive place. 

Many years ago, when I first began my practice of having alone time in the morning, my husband would prompt a conversation or one of my children would want me, but eventually I have trained them not to disturb me. Since they see what a difference in my mood there is from the days I begin in peace and the days I begin in chaos, they respect this. Most mornings I am fortunate to experience serenity and if I do not, I know I will the next day. I find the keys to any successful routine is preparation, expectation, reevaluation, and trust. 

Once a week I sit down with my husband for about ten minutes and put his travel schedule into my phone calendar, and any other of our family activities that are time specific, like volunteering, band practice, therapy, work, appointments, and conferences. The other part of my planning happens in my everyday journal. Towards the end of my morning in my Sacred Space, I ask the Universe to support me completing my tasks on my to do list. I write them out and my intentions for the day in my journal. I rewrite my to-do list on a scrap of paper and keep it with me in my purse or posted on our chalkboard in the kitchen. 

There are days when I go to an early soccer game, family party, or drive my son to a band event and I am not able to have my morning time. I always feel off when this happens and really try to find the time to intend and give thanks some other time throughout my day. 

Even if you are not a morning person, you can still create routines to keep you balanced. A few of my daily routines that help steady me are: 

  • Making our bed. 
  • Fluffing the pillows on our couch. 
  • Clearing the kitchen counters. 
  • Sweeping and vacuuming. 
  • Combing my hair. 
  • Doing a house walkthrough on the main level morning and night to pick up clutter. 
  • Keeping all the mail inside a wooden caddy. 
  • Watering our plants.  

How do you greet the day? 

What daily routines help keep you balanced? 

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