Day 3: Conduct a Grounding Ritual

Day 3: Conduct a Grounding Ritual

Day 3 

Conduct a Grounding Ritual 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

Before I move into any action like praying, sitting in my Sacred Space, folding the laundry, or making dinner, I always Pause to ground myself, set an intention, and visualize the outcome. Sometimes it is as simple as lighting a candle or burning something. I have candles in almost every room of my home. It takes just a minute to light a candle and say a few words of positive intention. Bringing presence to any action helps me re-evaluate and slow down my mind. I also like to set timers on my phone to remind me to Pause and to bring me back to the present. My favorite timers are 8:08, 11:11, and 12:34. 

When I greet the morning or when I have my Sacred Alone Time, my grounding ritual is more entailed. Currently, in my Sacred Space I have a rolling cart next to my chair that houses many art supplies. The top tier is reserved for my Altar complete with representations of the 4 elements, my Tarot Cards, and my tingsha cymbals. I use a silver tray that was my paternal Grandmother's, Lucy, to house figures like Quan Yin, in a circle around a bowl with herbs and a candle. In a candy dish that was my maternal Grandmother's, Sip, I rotate in water from the full moon, shells, wishbones, stones, and other items I find during my nature walks.  

Suggestions for each element: 

  • Earth: Stones, salt, crystals, acorns, rocks, flowers, shells, pinecones.  
  • Air: Incense, Palo Santo wood, dried herbs, sage bundle. I burn these inside a vessel like a shell, ceramic plate, or incense burner. 
  • Fire: Candles. When I first began, I would match up the candle color to each of the seasonal festivals, but now I put out whatever feels good at the time. I have a basket of candles and holders that I have collected over the years. Currently, I have been using a tea light inside of a Himalayan salt candle holder. 
  • Water: I fill a vessel with water collected during a new or full moon from an ocean, pond, snow, or rain. I also like to place sacred objects in the vessel: a flower, branch, wish bone or rocks.  

To conduct the ritual, I say my personal mantra: 

I am grounded into the Heart of Gaia; I am tethered into the Soul of the Sky. 

I acknowledge each element: earth, air, fire, and water. 
I Pause and take several deep breaths, sometimes performing an Eternity Breath. Once I am done giving thanks for all the blessings in my life, I close with: 

May we be filled with Love and Kindness 
May we be Ardent and Joyful 
May we live in Peace and Harmony 
May we be filled with appreciation for our Blessed Home 

Grounding balances me and supports me feeling more connected to all that is. Suggestions for grounding rituals: 

  • Perform a yoga posture. While I am waiting for something or someone in my house or I have been sitting for too long, I often perform what I call Kitchen Yoga because usually I am waiting in my kitchen; these are hybrid poses I have made up. The movement gets my blood flowing and clears my head. I usually start with a modified sun salutation and then while performing a tree pose, I scout for my symbols. 
  • Massage lotion into your skin slowly and intentionally, feeling love and light fill you. 
  • Make a cup of calming tea. Wrap your hands around the warm mug and breathe in the steam; I like jasmine, chamomile, lavender, or mint. 
  • Focus on each of your senses: I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I feel. Becoming aware of each of your senses is especially powerful if you are surrounded by nature. 
  • Wash your hands while chanting Om Mani Padme Hum or another mantra. Imagine the water soaking you with love and light. 
  • Burn incense or a candle. Ruminate on the smoke or flame.  
  • Drink a glass of water. Feel the liquid moving down your throat, slowly bringing love and light to your organs. 
  • Raise your energy through your chakras. Imagine a ball of light changing colors up your body into the sky. 


Red: root chakra, base of your spine 

Orange: sacral chakra, under your belly button 

Yellow: solar plexus, your belly 

Green: heart chakra 

Blue (Turquoise): throat chakra 

Indigo: third eye, on your brow between your eyes 

Violet: crown chakra, top of your head  

What rituals do you perform to ground yourself? 

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