Day 2: Carve Out and Maintain a Sacred Space  

Day 2: Carve Out and Maintain a Sacred Space  

Day 2 

Carve Out and Maintain a Sacred Space 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of...  

Wherever I have lived, I have carved out a place with intention, a place just for me where I feel embraced by objects of beauty and love, sometimes it has been a spot on the couch or in a corner of a basement or even a bench outside of our home. The moment I sit in my Sacred Space, I instantly feel calmer and more in-tuned with my authentic self, it is like the Joy is right there waiting for me! I am blessed to have a whole sitting room in our home that houses my Sacred Space; surrounding my chair are representations of the four elements, my drawing and collage materials, my journals, and my Tarot cards. Just being in my Sacred Space alone in the morning is one of my favorite moments of everyday: I sit in my chair, light a candle, burn some dried herbs, anoint my wrists with oil from a roller, chime my cymbals, breathe in, pray, and let the Joy permeate my being. Bliss. Your Sacred Space can be wherever you choose. A participant in one of my past courses, shared that her car, a VW Beetle, was her Sacred Space. 

A key element of my Sacred Space is the housing and care of my main altar. To me, an altar represents a physical embodiment of spirit. I have prayed at an altar since I started celebrating the Turn of the Wheel for Samhain in 2013.  

These are the items I have used throughout the years: 

  1. A covering of some type over the top of the space. I have a bunch of my Grandma Lucy’s old scarves I like to use.  
  2. Tchotchkes: these are sacred items usually gifted to me; statues of angels, deities, and animals. My sister says tchotchkes are mostly clutter, but I love them!  
  3. Tingsha cymbals. I ring the bell once to begin; if my youngest son is up, he does it with me. 
  4. Candles and matches. 
  5. Pictures of my children. 
  6. Drawings and cards from my family. 
  7. Several roiling essential oils. My favorite is Sanctuary by Bella Cirovic. ( 
  8. My Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck, I have several other decks visible that my husband gifted me: Pagan Tarot by Gina Pace, Luca Raimondo, and Cristiano Spadoni, Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont (, and A Jane Austen Tarot by Jacqui Oakley. 

Once you have established your Sacred Space it is good to create some guidelines around your Space, these are mine: 

  1. I open my time in my Sacred Space by performing a grounding ritual. 
  2. I clean my Sacred Space daily, usually I sweep for scraps and crumbs. 
  3. My children can only sit in my Sacred Space if they ask first. 
  4. I have a routine for when guests come over to house special items in my Sacred Space. 
  5. I reassess my Sacred Space and change the location based on how I feel and the needs of our family. 
  6. I smudge my Sacred Space with sage when needed. 
  7. I always close my time in my Sacred Space by thanking Cadre and Tarot and usually blowing out a candle if still lit. 
  8. I routinely refresh my Altar and Sacred Space to reflect the Sacred Seasons of Life. 

Where do you consider your Sacred Space? 

If you do not have one, start thinking about where you can carve out a Sacred Space in your world. 

How do you maintain your Sacred Space? 

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