Day 15: Wear a Talisman 

Day 15: Wear a Talisman 

Day 15 

Wear a Talisman 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

I am very deliberate when I get dressed; I had to when I was a retail manager, but now as primarily a Homemaker, I know it is important how I see myself in the mirror. Even when I am home alone, I like to put on mascara and lipstick, to wear skirts or dresses because they are the most comfortable for me. I have always loved to wear jewelry, not flashy expensive jewelry, but pieces that have meaning behind them. When deciding on my jewelry, I see each piece as a Talisman: a powerful tool to foster intimacy between myself and the giver or of who/what the object reminds me of. 

It does not have to be jewelry, it could be a coin in your pocket, a barrette in your hair, a certain belt or scarf, but some type of Talisman will remind you to Pause and set an intention. Most often I choose a necklace with silver charms as my Talisman, I rotate wearing a combination of: a pendant with my 3 children’s birth dates on it, a feather for our baby that was never born, a Hamsa or Moonstone, a wishbone, and a diamond cross that was my paternal Grandmother's. In 2019 my husband gifted me a necklace with a waning crescent moon and a heart. It is now one of my favorites. In all my Weathered and Worthy illustrations, each woman is wearing the same necklace, she represents all the facets of Woman in many, many incarnations. When I look in the mirror or feel my charms, I Pause deeply; I feel a breath are loved, you are Worthy, you deserve to experience Steady Joy. 

Talisman suggestions: 

  1. Jewelry: ring, bracelet, necklace, charm, earrings, pins 
  2. Something in your pocket: crystal, stone, bead, charm, coin 
  3. Belt 
  4. Hair accessories: barrettes, ribbons, ties, sticks 
  5. Cuff links, tie clip 
  6. Makeup: drawing a symbol on yourself, temporary tattoo, face gems 
  7. Glasses 
  8. Piece of clothing: socks, underwear, scarf 

What is your Talisman and what does it whisper to you? 

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