Day 14: Record Your Touchstones 

Day 14: Record Your Touchstones 

Day 14 

Record Your Touchstones 



breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

Touchstones are Steady Joy stories that remind us the Universe has our back. A Touchstone could be something small like the time you found a great parking spot or big like the way you met your best friend. Touchstones were part of my original SJFT I completed every morning, but now I create a list of Touchstones when I am feeling triggered. 

Sometimes I create a list of memories that always give me a lift when I think about them: 

  1. Coleman’s easy birth. 
  2. Taylor Swift Red Concert with Jodi and our girls. 
  3. Meeting Sean in Hawaii. 
  4. Cora throwing me a surprise Baby Shower  
  5. Jodi taking me to RI for my 40th birthday. 
  6. Quahog dinner at Nana and Papa’s. 
  7. Renting cabins in Minnesota (Duluth). 
  8. Eating at Rain then seeing Jesus Christ Superstar with Jodi and our Mommy. 

Sometimes my lists of favorites are just about what happened the day before. I like creating these lists because it is another way to document my journey and smile at the memory.  

8 Touchstones (taken from a list in 2013) 

  1. My coffee was extra yummy because I added some cocoa on top!
    2. Coleman slept through the night.
    3. Gorgeous weather yesterday. Sunny, clear skies, but smells like fall. 
    4. A long walk around the neighborhood with Ethan, Maggie, and Coleman. 
    5. Making fairy houses in the park with the kids and Ava. 
    6. Family breakfast at the table. Even though I already ate it was nice to be together. 
    7. Ethan created original ships with his Legos. 
    8. Maggie made a million Rainbow Loom accessories. 


Sometimes I create a theme touchstone list, for example, my favorite soundtracks: 

  1. Jesus Christ Superstar 
  2. Dear Evan Hanson 
  3. Hamilton 
  4. Spring Awakening 
  5. Wicked 
  6. Shrek the Musical 
  7. Beauty and the Beast 
  8. Rudderless 

Touchstone list suggestions: 

  1. Favorite quotes 
  2. Favorite songs 
  3. Favorite meals 
  4. Favorite books 
  5. Favorite experiences 
  6. Favorite board games 
  7. Favorite traditions 
  8. Favorite articles of clothing 

What are your Touchstones? 

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