Day 1: Perform a Pause

Day 1: Perform a Pause 

Day 1 

Perform a Pause 


breathe in for a count of...(8) 

hold for a count of ...(8) 

breathe out for a count of ...(8) 

hold for a count of...(8) 

Choose any length of time you like but Pausing daily and frequently throughout the day will bring a presence to your world. I aim to Pause 8 times a day for a count of 8. 

There are 8 guidelines to keep in mind during your Pauses. Do your best to follow these parameters throughout SJ28. 

  1. Aim to Pause a set amount of time throughout your day.  
  2. Pause alone. 
  3. Relax your jaw. 
  4. Soften your gaze or gently close your eyes. 
  5. Pause in a quiet setting.
  6. Pause outside at least once a day. 
  7. Check in with yourself at the end of your Pause; repeat if necessary.
  8. Plan your Pauses. 

There are situations and seasons where my children and others are present during my Pauses. I have taken walks outside on my circular driveway while my family slept because the streets were too snowy to push my children in a stroller during the day. I have walked around our yard while our children napped in a tent. I have set a timer for 15 minutes and asked not to be interrupted while I put on my noise cancelling headphones. I have Paused in my car waiting in the pick-up line at my children's school. I have Paused in the bathroom at social events. Be creative and engage with others to find alternative solutions to be able to complete your Pauses. 

Establishing and consistently maintaining a structure for my Steady Joy lifestyle helps sustain my emotional and mental wellbeing. An important component of that structure is completing a Steady Joy Check-In (SJCI) about every 6 weeks. My SJCI consists of a series of lists, one of them is a list of suggested Pause times for myself.  

  1. When I first wake up
  2. Entering my Sacred Space 
  3. Outside activity/gardening 
  4. In the shower 
  5. When I get dressed 
  6. Driving my kids somewhere 
  7. Before I make dinner 
  8. At the end of the day 


Eternity Breath: 

When time permits, I perform an extended Pause called an Eternity Breath. 

Find a quiet place to sit however you are comfortable, relax and close your eyes. I like to sit in a lotus position (cross-legged) on my chair in my Sacred Space.  

Hold each hand in a Gyan Mudra by lightly touching the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger while keeping your other three fingers extended. Mudras are powerful hand gestures that channel energy. 

Breathe in for a count of 8. 
Hold for a count of 8. 
Breathe out for a count of 8. 
Hold for a count of 8. 

Repeat for 8 cycles. 

Focus only on the counting and sound of your breath. I find it helpful to envision the number 8 on its side, an eternity/infinity symbol, as I count the numbers wrap up, around, and down the curves. 

Where and how do you perform your pause? 

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