Day 18: Cultivate a Relationship with the Divine 
Day 20: Track and Respond to Triggers 

Day 19: Commune with Nature 

Day 19 

Commune with Nature 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

Although I consider Steady Joy to be a lifestyle choice and not a religion, I do think of the outdoors as my church. I have always felt closest to Source when I am surrounded by nature. My most favorite activity is to take a walk in the woods whether it be alone, with my husband, as a family or with friends. For 15 years we lived in Cape Cod, MA where I would walk in our neighborhood often with my three children or have art picnics in our back yard or play at the beach. Our family moved to Minnesota in January of 2016. At first the freezing temperatures prohibited me from being outside as often as I would have liked. We were fortunate to have a home with a ton of windows; despite not being able to feel Mother Nature, sitting in my Sacred Space, I was still able to appreciate Her Beauty and Light. Eventually I just layered up and walked around one of the lakes near our home. We moved back to a different area of Massachusetts in 2018; I am blessed to have quickly become close friends with a woman who enjoys walking in the woods as much as I do! 

When I walk alone, I always Pause with a deep breath and absorb my surroundings. Throughout my walk I look for my Symbols as well as other natural delights. Walking alone outdoors is the best medicine for both my mental and physical health, I can feel the vitamin D energizing me!  

When I was a child living on Long Island, New York, I did not enjoy doing yard work, at all! My siblings and I would joke how our stepmother treated us like indentured servants. When my husband and I bought our first home, a child came soon after. I was still uninterested in caring for our yard. Every time I tried; I felt this deep resentment. When we moved to Minnesota, we had a beautiful, well maintained, structured yard. There was a set template and our children were a bit older, I started to enjoy caring for the outside of our home. Now in Massachusetts we have an overwhelmingly interesting and large yard; I have grown to love my hands in the dirt and am doing my best to keep it looking good.  

Ideas for Communing with Nature: 

  1. Create kindness rocks for your own garden or go on a walk and distribute them for others to find. 
  2. Exercise outdoors: walk, jog, skate, ride, swim, kayak, stretch, do yoga, paddle, rock climb, 
  3. Go for a scenic drive with all the windows open. 
  4. Lay on the ground and feel the heartbeat of Gaia. 
  5. Watch birds and woodland creatures either outside or from a window. 
  6. Visit a beach, pond, lake, forest, nature preserve, nature sanctuary, nature museum. When searching for new destinations to visit and walk I realized there are many different names for a nature center! 
  7. Meditate or Pause outside. 
  8. Stargaze: use a telescope to see the Moon, Planets, and beyond. 

How do you commune with nature? 

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