Day 16: Document Your Journey 
Day 18: Cultivate a Relationship with the Divine 

Day 17: Affirm your Sanctions 

Day 17 

Affirm your Sanctions 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

 Sanctions are phrases that remind us of Steady Joy. They are affirmations and permission slips to love who we are; they are similar to mantras. Sanctions were part of my original SJFT I completed every morning, but now I create a list of Sanctions sometimes when I am feeling triggered or I recall them and repeat them when I am anxious or trying to fall asleep.  

8 of  My Sanctions: 

  1. All is well. 
  2. There is no truth, only perspective. 
  3. Things are always working out for me. 
  4. The Universe has my back. 
  5. Peace be with me. 
  6. I call Light to me; I call Light to me now. 
  7. We are All One 
  8. Nothing is Wasted. 

What Sanctions do you want to affirm? 

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