Day 15: Wear a Talisman 
Day 17: Affirm your Sanctions 

Day 16: Document Your Journey 

Day 16 

Document Your Journey 


breathe in for a count of... 

hold for a count of ... 

breathe out for a count of ... 

hold for a count of... 

I cannot imagine life without writing it down. I do not remember a time when I did not translate experiences and feelings into words and images on a page. When I was 16 my stepmother punished me when she found a spiral notebook in the back of my closet full of the enormous range of perceptions a human heart encompasses. When my older sister at college heard about the incident, she bought me my first cloth covered journal. In our attic today, there are bins and bins of filled journals, often gifted to me from my sister who has always championed my words and my heart.  

Although I know journaling is not for everyone, I encourage you to explore different ways you can document your journey. I have kept many different types of journals, each with its own flavor and color. I do not find it helpful to write about all the junk that goes on in my head. I tried the morning mind dump technique, but for me, it perpetuates my negative emotions. I keep my thoughts and writing light: my observations of the sky, appreciate for the comfort and beauty of my Sacred Space, and I count my blessings for things like the wellness and love of my family and my deep connection to Source. I doodle and set intentions for a good day. There are times something grabs hold of my attention and I am not able to easily let it go. When that happens, I do journal whatever I am feeling, even if it does not feel good, but I write it out until I'm able to get to a better feeling place. In general, writing helps me feel more Joy because it slows my thought process down causing me to savor all the good in my life.  

Since 2006, once a year around Lughnasa, one of the Sabbats that falls on August 1, I have an art picnic and write in my annual birthday journal. It is interesting and fun to celebrate the past, dream, and plan. Some years my children have scribbled and helped me draw or create a collage. In 2019 I added a pocket to house cards and little mementos. 

There is a plethora of ways to document your journey if keeping a journal does not resonate with you. I know sometimes it can be daunting to have your personal thoughts available for others to see. I have reminded my family that my writings are a snapshot of how I feel in the moment, often do not reflect a bigger picture, and they might be offended or not understand or misinterpret what they are reading. 

Ideas to document your journey: 

  1. Paper journal, theme journal that asks questions, visual or sketch journal. 
  2. Send yourself letters and/or postcards and keep them in a book or folder. 
  3. Use your phone note app or a photo a day app, send yourself emails or texts on a separate account. 
  4. Blog or a vlog, video diary on social media, create your own hashtag; you can also create a private account just for you. 
  5. Keep and/or display collections: to do lists, tickets, wrappers, receipts, nature items like shells from every beach you have been to, rocks, or dry flowers. 
  6. Use an accordion folder with tabs, a jar, or a box to hold keepsakes, I have many that I have collaged. 
  7. Create playlists for each season of life and keep them in an audio folder. 
  8. Make your photos into a paper album; there are so many companies that do this now, it is no longer expensive. 

How do you document your journey? 

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