Next Event: Thursday June 2nd, 2022

Join us as we gather around an evolving altar,
create an individual intuitive art piece, then
 explore and receive insights through different Oracle & Tarot decks.
137 Union Street, New Bedford, MA
6-9 PM 
Doors open at 5:45 pm.
All materials are provided.
This is a free event open to the public.
Register at Eventbrite 
or email me at


Melanie McMullin
Each gathering will feature different tools of divination
and options to collage a variety of objects.
  Any questions contact Melanie at
Hello, I'm Melanie McMullin.
Melanie McMullin
For over thirty years I have created mixed media art and poetry for my own personal joy and guidance,
to sell, to gift, and in a variety of teaching settings.
Melanie McMullin 
Any questions contact Melanie at
💖 Melanie

Clarity through Collage Club

 Workshop Template:

Welcome/Mingle: 15 minutes
Opening Ceremony: 15-45 minutes
Intuitive Art Activity: 60 minutes
Closing Ceremony: 15-30 minutes
Goodbye/Mingle: 15 minutes

Once everyone arrives and has settled in,

participants gather together in Circle.

Melanie McMullin


After a brief welcome,

we Pause together in Ceremony,

introduce ourselves,

and set our intentions for Clarity.

I demonstrate and explain the intuitive art process.

I support the transition from our Circle to the table where Collage Kits are set up.

Participants randomly sit in front of a Collage Kit.

The Collage Kits are curated with love, light, and tons of treasures!

Melanie McMullin


Exploring your Kit is very exciting process!

Melanie McMullin

Each Kit includes everything needed to create an Intuitive Art Project 

nurture huddle


Melanie McMullin

After an hour we Circle together to show off our projects,

explore different Oracle & Tarot decks,

and share impressions of our experience. 
Melanie McMullin

Melanie McMullin

We are respectful of each participant and keep each others shares in confidence.

Melanie McMullin

While participants mingle and say good-bye,

I clean up and recycle the pieces from the Kits not used. 

Melanie McMullin


You don't need to bring anything with you but an open heart


Trunk and Tarot


There is easy street parking in New Bedford.

 Please  E-mail me  with any questions



Melanie McMullin

💖 Melanie

remember always in all ways:

you deserve to feel seen