Trunk and Tarot


Trunk and Tarot is an intimate, creative, intuitive Tarot Card Reading through me to you.

IMG_1287How Trunk and Tarot (Snail Mail Style) works:

Think of an area of your life you desire more clarity in.

You can pick a topic such as:

  • Wellness
  • Finances
  • Abundance
  • Relationships

or I can conduct a general reading.

I set aside a special time to do your reading. After I ground myself through deep breathing and reciting my personal mantra, I smudge Tarot and my surroundings. I think about your name and where you need clarity. I shuffle Tarot, cut the deck, and then choose three cards: one from the top of the deck, one from the bottom, and one in the middle.

Immediately I translate what Tarot is saying into my magical collaged journal.


Using ephemeral that I have accumulated over the years, I create an intuitive piece of art on a postcard.


I choose stationary from my stash and write you a handwritten letter based on what I interpreted from Tarot. Inside the letter I send you a photo copy of your three cards (I use the Rider Waite Tarot Deck). On the back of the postcard I create a decorative pocket (a little trunk!) to slide your handwritten letter inside. 

The Trunk is embellished with an  L&C Designs original drawing created just for you. (see side bar for more details about L&C Designs.)



I wrap your package in foil (just like my Grandma Lucy used to whenever she sent me something!) and send it off to you complete with a magic feather and much Love and Hope for your Happiness!

If you would like a reading please email me your name, snail mail address, and the area of life you would like more clarity in. I will email you a confirmation and an approximation of when you should expect your package. 

Trunk and Tarot Snail Mail Style Card Reading and Handwritten Letter with free* Intuitive Art: $50 US

I Love Trades!  I love stationary, unique ephemera, art supplies to create my collages, lotions, oils, and tchotchkes  for my altar.

 *My intuitive art is not for sale. It is a one of a kind piece made especially for you. Please do not copy or re-sell these art cards. You may post them on a public site as long as Trunk and Tarot is given credit for the image. Thank you!