Trunk and Tarot Gatherings

Trunk and Tarot

Trunk and Tarot Gatherings are a whimsical, fresh way to circle with other women while receiving clarity and insights through collage.

At a Trunk and Tarot Gathering you get the opportunity to create your own unique Trunk and Tarot collage with support from Tarot and me.

For over fifteen years I have created collages for my own personal joy and guidance, to sell, to gift, and in a variety of teaching settings. In 2014 I was inspired to blend my love for Tarot with my love for collage.

Trunk and Tarot Intuitive Art Cards are 5 x 7 postcards that are collaged using a glue stick and an array of paper images. An additional piece of decorative card stock is attached to the postcard to form a Trunk which then houses a photo copy of 3 Tarot cards that are chosen by each participant at a gathering and notes of impressions from our Reading.


Trunk and Tarot




Participants gather together in circle to begin and I conduct a walk through of the Trunk and Tarot process.

Each participant is given a kit which includes everything they need to create their Trunk and Tarot Intuitive Art Card.

Participants begin to sort and choose the materials for their double sided cards and are led through the steps to make their Trunk.

While I meet privately with each individual, participants continue to collage their cards.

During our one on one time together participants are asked to think of an area of life they want more clarity in or of a specific open ended question and write it down on a Tarot interpreting Tool that I have created. The participant draws three cards from a basket of photo copied Rider Waite Tarot Cards. Together we interpret the three cards and I offer some additional guidance. The participant gets to keep their cards and can house them in their Trunk or use them in their collage.

While I move on to the next participant, the remainder of the group continues collaging their Intuitive Art Cards.

After I have met with each participant, we come together to share our cards and I close the circle.

Trunk and Tarot

Gathering Duration and Class Size:

A typical gathering is 3 hours for 8 participants, but this can be tweaked to suit your needs.

I need about 90 minutes for teaching and gathering plus approximately 10 minutes per participant for their one on one time with Tarot and me.

Two separate spaces are preferred; one for the group to gather around a table to create their collage and a smaller space for our one on one time with Tarot.

Experience level: 

All: Those who have no experience with Tarot/Collage or Seasoned Artist. 

Glue sticks, tape, decorative paper, postcards, scissors, feathers, stickers, and collage images are provided for each participant in an individualized kit. 

I bring 20 - 30 of my personal collection of collage cards to display during the gathering and help spark ideas. (see gallery)


Cost varies based on location, intricacy, and class size.  I have done gatherings in private homes and in public centers. I am very flexible. I am located in Woodbury, MN and spend part of my summer in Cape Cod, MA. I am available to travel.  E-mail me  

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Trunk and Tarot
 Pictures of past gatherings are  here.


Upcoming Gatherings


I’m excited to announce I will be facilitating several gatherings this Fall at a new community space called The Light House.


October 4 (Wednesday) 10 AM - 1 PM

October 27 (Friday) 6 PM – 9 PM

Location: The Light House, 2599 Snelling Curve Roseville, MN

Cost: $30 includes all materials

Hosted by Heather Nardi of Modern Day Sacred Circle

Tickets available Here

More dates to be added soon!



How I Met Tarot


Trunk and Tarot


On my 40th birthday (August 2010) my sister took me to Newport, RI for the weekend to celebrate. We were walking down Thames Street looking for a place to eat when I saw a tarot reader sign in a window. I mentioned how I always wanted to have one done. We went inside. The reading for me was astonishingly accurate and even years later manifestations were happening that she had foretold. The moment I got home from our trip I bought my own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck .

tarot cards

Immediately I began studying tarot and reading daily for myself. As I grew more confident, I started reading for friends and family. I don't consider myself a psychic. I have an intimate relationship with my Rider Waite Tarot Deck and I have always been very artistic and empathetic. When doing a reading I offer clarity; in essence I reflect your own vibration back to you.


Me and My Sister Jodi

Trunk and Tarot Personal Reading

Trunk and Tarot

Trunk and Tarot is an intuitive, intimate, creative Tarot Card Reading through me to you.

*Summer 2017: I'm taking a break from doing personal readings to focus on Trunk and Tarot Gatherings. 

Sometimes I do get a strong inspiration to read and create for someone, usually this is when a loved one close to them has died. If this is the type of Reading you are needing, you can email and I will see if I am able to make a connection for you.  

Trunk and Tarot

How Trunk and Tarot works:

Think of an area of your life you desire more clarity in.

You can pick a general topic such as:

  • Wellness
  • Finances
  • Abundance
  • Relationships

Or you can make a statement, for example:

  • I would like  more clarity on my new job.
  • I would like more clarity on coping with stress.
  • I would like more clarity on my relationship with my mother.

I set aside a special time to do your reading. After I ground myself through deep breathing and reciting my personal mantra, I smudge Tarot and my surroundings. I think about your name and where you need clarity. I shuffle Tarot, cut the deck, and then choose three cards: one from the top of the deck, one from the bottom, and one in the middle.

Immediately I translate what Tarot is saying into a special collaged journal.

I make a photo copy of your cards and cut them out. Using ephemeral that I have accumulated over the years, I create an intuitive piece of art on a postcard.

Trunk and Tarot

I choose stationary from my stash and write you a handwritten letter based on what I interpreted from Tarot. On the back of the postcard I create a pocket (a little Trunk!) to put your handwritten letter inside. On the other side of your postcard I create a drawing with a message for you.

Then I send your package off to you with a magic feather and much love and hope for your happiness!

If you would like a reading please email me your name, mailing address, and the area you need more clarity in. I will email you a confirmation and an approximation of when you should expect your package.

Trunk and Tarot Reading and Handwritten Letter with free* Intuitive Art Card: $50 US

*My intuitive art is not for sale. It is a one of a kind piece made especially for you. Please do not copy or re-sell these art cards. You may post them on a public site as long as Trunk and Tarot is given credit for the image. Thank you!

  Trunk and Tarot


The Birth of Trunk and Tarot

Intuitive art 1

In October 2014 a long time blogging friend, who lives across the country from me, commented on Facebook that she needed clarity about a situation in her life. I messaged her and asked if I could do a Tarot card reading for her.

She said yes.

I wanted the reading to be special. I told her I would write my guidance in a letter and mail it to her. That whole day, until I had time alone to do her reading, I thought about more and more ways to make the reading extra special. I decided I would make her an intuitive art card much like the ones I had been making for myself for the past fifteen years.

When I sat to do her reading I felt a shift inside of me. I felt like I was doing something I had been called to do. After picking her cards, the writing came effortlessly; I could hear and feel from Tarot what she needed. I wrote down my thoughts in a journal I had collaged, transcribed them into a letter, and mailed out the package to her.

I feel blessed to be serving in a way I truly love.

Thank you!


trunk and tarot